What a fantastic day! [Full photo album here]

The Pretend Stage did something a bit different – we put on the second stage at Hoersfest VI, the hoersiest hoersfest yet. York’s premier bizarretown avant guarde yolo-flavoured music shenaniganza went off with a bang!

The main stage lineup was amazing – we love all of them so much – apart from The Sex Cripples, we had B-Type, Mike from Scumface, Chump Wrecker, Dead Happy, The Clown Jewels, The Ducks, Cliff Glitchard, Scottish Gabber Punk – rounding off the night with Petrol Hoers

We hosted the amazing Theme Hospital Live and BxLxOxBxBxY – also some quality twisted dark entertainment with Pin the Tail on the DonkO, Play your Cards Shite, Purplejack, Only Pools and Horses.

Theme Hospital Live

Rate my Horse Drawing took everyone by storm – so many creative horse drawings, and some of them weren’t even rude.

Our very own MC Emily Shmoo and Dan “Hoers” Buckfast battled it out for the winning sound system with an epic soundclash.

The crowd couldn’t decide who won, so they both played their winning tune at the same time.

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