Swinefest 2024

The Swinefest Hard Crew came out to round off the weekender on Millennium Field!

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The Sex Cripples kicked off the afternoon with their usual shenanigans, followed by The Wreck Liners with some amazing country bluegrass.

The Wreck Liners

Jason Stirling followed with some great country punk tunes, an amazing set by the Speed Dinosaurs where everyone hid from a brief but torrential downpour.

The Speed Dinosaurs
Soggy punks hiding from the showers!

Finally, Captain Hotknives rounded off the day with some fantastically funny rambling.

Great to see Captain Hotknives again

All in all a great day even if it did rain a bit!


What a fantastic day! [Full photo album here]

The Pretend Stage did something a bit different – we put on the second stage at Hoersfest VI, the hoersiest hoersfest yet. York’s premier bizarretown avant guarde yolo-flavoured music shenaniganza went off with a bang!

The main stage lineup was amazing – we love all of them so much – apart from The Sex Cripples, we had B-Type, Mike from Scumface, Chump Wrecker, Dead Happy, The Clown Jewels, The Ducks, Cliff Glitchard, Scottish Gabber Punk – rounding off the night with Petrol Hoers

We hosted the amazing Theme Hospital Live and BxLxOxBxBxY – also some quality twisted dark entertainment with Pin the Tail on the DonkO, Play your Cards Shite, Purplejack, Only Pools and Horses.

Theme Hospital Live

Rate my Horse Drawing took everyone by storm – so many creative horse drawings, and some of them weren’t even rude.

Our very own MC Emily Shmoo and Dan “Hoers” Buckfast battled it out for the winning sound system with an epic soundclash.

The crowd couldn’t decide who won, so they both played their winning tune at the same time.

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York Punk’s Picnic

Managed to elegantly miss the rain and took the pretend stage down to millennium bridge for this years Punk’s Picnic.

Fantastic sunny day, The Sex Cripples enjoyed a show despite Winston the Wind blowing everything over.

There was a great set from Dog Hand (minus the String Band) who sang songs about killing kids and throwing them down wells or something, lovely family day out 🙂

York Rally 2016

Phew! Still slightly glowing from the unexpected sunburn, this year’s expedition saw the return of The Crab Apples and Hexagon Chic, and the debut of the inimitable Petrol Cow at York Rally!

Hexagon Chic’s amazing storytelling absolutely captivated two younger visitors. Was a pleasure to bring our splashes of colour back to the Knavesmire on a very busy day! Thoroughly enjoyable, thanks again to Peter who was a star and made us feel really welcome  🙂

Next up is Ladyfest at the Golden Lion in Todmorden on the 25th of June.

Petrol Cow @ York Rally 2016

Isle of Sock 2!

Isle of Sock 2! After last year’s amazing time we were very excited for this one and this time we had a lovely time too with passers-by on beer runs stopping for sangria and spontaneous skateboarding! Many thanks to Alex who was a star as always x

isle of sock 2

Woodsock 2

For our first outdoors event of 2016, we ventured outside after an epic night of cheese and made a cosy clearing in the middle of some trees and roasted some marshmallows – thanks to Sarah and Christian for those!

Fantastic to get out after a wet and cold winter!

woodsock 2

The sock is done and dusted for 2015!

So… that’s it for another year of pretend stage sock festivals, the next full blown installment with sculpture, light show and live bands will be at the end of March 2016 to celebrate the Hilaria with Woodsock 2. No doubt we will get the picnic sound system out and set up the wishing machine brazier to do jacket spuds at some point in the winter and perhaps a winter solstice event on Hob moor but nothing on quite the scale of what you can see in this short video clip:

Final sock festival of 2015.

corrected flyer

If you missed Woodsock in March and Isle of Sock in May you probably wont have a clue what this is about (especially since we lost our blog from the start of the year) we’ve had live acts and crazy party games all year and here we go again with our complete bicycle festival one more time to round off a great summer and everyone is invited. Believe every word on the flyer and keep an eye on this page or contact us for more info or if you are interested in performing at BURNING SOCK 2015.

ADAM Street Fair thanks!

A fantastic sunny day on Acomb Front Street, right in front of the working men’s club. The working men came out to have a look at us, and we had some lovely audience participation – thanks to Jonathan and Miriam for being a part of our show!

It was lovely to see some great smiles – this is how happy it made Kaitlin:









Flying the spanner high today. Turned Acomb into YAYcomb!